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September 29, 2019

Meet The Hosts and Team Behind The Story Geeks Talk Disney Plus!

Jay Sherer

Jay Sherer wrote the time travel novel, Timeslingers, and is currently working on a full-cast audiobook titled Death of a Bounty Hunter. He lives in Southern California and heads over to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure whenever he has time. As a writer, Jay's passion is breaking down stories to discover what they reveal about the world around us.

Jay favorite fandoms are: Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Follow Jay on Twitter: @JaySherer.

Daryl Smith

Daryl Smith has been a life-long geek and comic book reader (just take a look at his bookshelf and movie cabinet). He's also been a long-time co-host of The Story Geeks podcast. He also lives in Southern California where he's an awesome dad and a great worship director at his local church.

Daryl's favorite fandoms are: Batman, anything by Christopher Nolan, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Follow Daryl on Twitter: @darylhsmith.

Sandra Dimas

Sandra Dimas joined The Story Geeks podcasting team in 2018. An editor by trade, Sandra has also been a long-time geek. She can be seen at many of the local comic conventions and even builds cosplay costumes for her daughter. Sandra also serves as a host of Reasons to Believe's 28:19 show on YouTube. Like Jay and Daryl, she also resides in Southern California.

Sandra's favorite fandoms are: Anything by Edgar Wright and all the geek horror there is. Follow Sandra on Twitter: @sand_rad.

Ashley Pauls

Ashley Pauls contributes to multiple geek blogs and podcasts, including the ESO Network. With the launch of The Story Geeks Talk Disney Plus podcast, she's moving beyond just blogging for The Story Geeks to lending her voice and perspective to our podcasts! Ashley lives in Kansas, but travels to many comic conventions cosplaying as Rey!

Ashley's favorite fandoms are: Star Wars and Harry Potter. Follow Ashley on Twitter: @jediash1.

Nathan Scheck

Nathan Scheck refuses to be a host on The Story Geeks podcast, and probably won't be one for The Story Geeks Talk Disney Plus, either. But he's a co-founder of the Reclamation Society (the nonprofit production company behind both channels) and edits a lot of our podcasts. You may hear him offer an editor's note from time-to-time. Nathan serves as a story consultant/co-writer for many of the stories published by the Reclamation Society, including Timeslingers and Death of a Bounty Hunter. He's also the lead developer on all the games in production at the Reclamation Society. Nathan lives in Oregon.

Nathan's favorite fandoms are: Star Wars, Stephen King, and "...I dunno, Dune probably?" Follow Nathan on Instagram: @nathanscheck.

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